We make a lot of references to names and characters that you may or may not be familiar with.  It’s just easier to write this way, and we wanted to give readers the same “feel” like we were talking to them in person.  Most importantly, it helps us to be lazy so we don’t have to look up someone’s name (real life or character) and can just refer to them the way we remember them.  Like Sarah Michelle Gellar will always be Buffy (or maybe SMG) no matter how many Japanese ghost movies she makes.  What’s her name on V is always going to be Juliette.  And Joshua Jackson is Pacey.   There’s no rhyme or reason to this, sometimes I/we remember the actor’s name better over the characters they’ve played, like Mena Suvari or Alyssa Milano.   Also don’t be surprised when we add a “Dark” to someone’s name when they go evil or rogue. 

So without further ado:

“Juliette” – Elizabeth Mitchell, from Lost (still the best show ever)

“Evil Tom” – Joel Gretsch, from his more memorable moments in The 4400

“Pacey” – Joshua Jackson, from Dawson’s Creek

“Terminator” – Summer Glau, from Sarah Connor Chronicles.  Sometimes we’ll just refer to her as Summer Glau

“Jacob” – Mark Pellegrino, from Lost

“Supergirl” – Laura Vandervoot, from Smallville (now on V)

“Bailey” – Scott Wolf, from Party of 5

“Darla” – Julie Benz, from Angel

“Spike” – James Marsters (not Marsden, that’s “Cyclops”), from Angel

“Jin” – Daniel Dae Kim, from Lost

“Jasmine” – Gina Torres, from Angel

“Willow” – Alyson Hannigan, from Buffy/Angel