Welcome to What’s On, Scrub? – the site where two of us common folk will “review” as many TV shows as we possibly can in a point/counterpoint format.  Well, that’s assuming we both saw the show since sometimes one or both of us will sleep through parts of a show or just flat out miss an episode.  He doesn’t watch everything I do so sometimes the only counterpoint will be him making fun of shows I like.  The emphasis will be on sci-fi and sci-fi related shows, but don’t be surprised to see some other stuff like comedies and musicals and touching dramas about being obese. 

I’m Richard and he’s Mike.  I have low standards and watch pretty much anything that’s not a crime drama.  He rates movies on a Candyman scale and complains when shows like “V” don’t have enough character depth.  We work together in real life.  And now on this blog. 

Oh yeah, sometimes you’ll see references that don’t make any sense to anyone but the 2 of us but feel free to ask and we’ll explain the origin.