Wow, right after I blasted the last episode and was ready to drop the show into Never Never Land, the powers that be gather themselves and deliver what has to have been the best episode of V to date.   It’s not that the plot or story was spectacular, in fact most of it was downright senseless, but that they finally chose a tone that suitably acknowledged the severity of the situation that the show is actually conveying.  Aside from the torture episode, for the most part no one seems to be taking this alien takeover seriously. 

Let’s take a step back, and just imagine that we are being “visited” by giant spaceships that are hovering menacingly in the air over all our major cities.  No matter how benign and smiley and “of peace” the aliens appear to be, are you really telling me people wouldn’t freak out and prepare for the worst?  Maybe in the 80s, but in this day and age, the majority of society is just so much more jaded and, for lack of a better word, cynical.  We’re quick to judge and assume the worst, and I don’t care how many times an alien gives me a goofy smile, I’m still going to assume they are here to rape my planet.  What happened to Trust No One?

Back to the show, Anna is going full bore to take out Oded Fehr and his Fifth Column nutjobs.  She sends Ryan out again with the same tired threat to his baby, and shockingly, he complies.  More shockingly, he is kidnapped within 5 seconds.  Awesome plan, dude!  Anyway, someone should just kill that stupid alien baby, it’s just getting in the way, and it doesn’t seem to have any cool powers like the original hybrid Starchild.  Bored now. 

Meanwhile Juliette has been suspended from the FBI because of her entanglements with Priest Evil Tom, and is meaning to take the day off to spend with Krychek and Tyler/Doofus so they can reunite as a family.  They have a sweet family moment and Tyler is just so happy he could cry, at which point I pretty much guessed Krycheck was done.  Anyway, duty calls, as Oded tells her he has captured Ryan so she teleports over to his base (btw has anyone noticed that it seems like everyone, humans and aliens included, seem to just teleport to whatever location they want to be at?  whether it’s Anna’s ship or in New York, they just get to where they want to be.  Nice!).  Anna finds out the location (she had someone tracking Ryan which apparently he also knew about. Huh?) and decides it’s a great time to take out Juliette AND Krycheck to get her paws back on Doofus, even though just last week she told us she didn’t *really* need him.  I guess she has a lot on her mind so I’ll forgive her.  She arranges it so that the FBI will send their entire force to kill Oded, and with all their forces they’ve pretty much got the base surrounded.  Juliette comes up with the brilliant plan to kill 2 birds with one stone, making it seem like she is Oded’s hostage (so the FBI doesn’t suspect her anymore) and hopefully finding a way to get them all out alive.   She even has Oded bitch slap her a couple times to make it look real.  The audience accepts this misogyny because we all know in real life Juliette would make Oded her bitch.

Anna then sends her lead engineer down to make sure Krycheck also will be in the building, but he doesn’t have to try too hard because the dunce is already on his way after seeing the news report of Juliette as a hostage.  Evil Tom also catches the news (after being kicked out of the Catholic churchdom) and arrives at the scene to do useful things like watch in dismay.  There’s some pretense of an alien sleeper giving Krycheck the info to make it inside, but in any case soon enough he’s in with Juliette in time for them to share a sweet reunion kiss.  If anyone wasn’t sure he was dead this episode at this point, they just haven’t watched enough TV.   Ditto on Oded who shows Juliette the sad picture of his wife he carries around (shades of Lost’s Sayid, maybe?).  I thought he had maybe a 50/50 chance at that point.

Things start to go sour and the plot continues to be kind of a mess, but a briskly paced one to make it more forgivable.  Oded calls his suicide bomber squad outside to grab some hostages, who are all then brought inside the building.  We don’t see it but I guess the bombers then take off their bombsuits and throw them all in a pile next to Oded but don’t bother disabling them.  It’s a big building, but I’d definitely want to store all my bombs next to Oded, too. 

In a V-only “twist,” Anna then calls Hobbs (Terrorist) and essentially activates him, reminding us of the deal he had with Marcus, and reminding me with a slap in my face for making fun of this plot point last week.  Apparently they have his wife too as a hostage (sigh, really?  more female hostages?  more betrayal in our crack team?) and force him to use some magic device that will set off the suicide bombers’ bombs.  This would effectively kill everyone inside the building (if you were counting that includes Oded, Juliette, AND Krycheck, along with a horde of 5th column soldiers).  I can’t say why she had to have Hobbs do the deed, aside from the sheer fun of it, but whatever.  Not to mention he doesn’t bother getting anything but a one second verbal confirmation of his wife’s voice.  Oh well, we don’t have time for pleasantries in this episode.

I then lost track of the timing, but Oded basically tells Juliette he’s going to sacrifice himself, but luckily his second in command (some squirrely looking dude in the background who I’ll just call The Squirrel) knows everything he does about all the contacts and information regarding the 5th column’s resources and armies.  But he’s putting her in charge, because he sees something special in her.  I think he saw the episode of Lost where she threw down with Kate and kicked her ass.  So they plan to send Squirrel out with the hostages, and so the whole group is led outside.  Things seem to be going well until Hobbs activates the magic device and the building explodes (presumably eating up Oded and maybe Ryan) and all hell breaks loose.  People start randomly shooting at each other, and OF COURSE they keep shooting at the line of hostages exiting the building.  Now here I have to ask who the f-ing f was shooting at these people?  The FBI or the 5th Column?  Because there was absolutely NO REASON for anyone to be shooting at them.  Now maybe we are to assume it was supposed to be stray gunfire, but really, these guys could use some advanced training because all of the stray fire seems directed at the hostages, in particular our sad X-Files reject, Krycheck.  

No surprise, he gets shot multiple times and dies in Juliette’s arms (at least he got to kiss her once beforehand), just in time for Doofus to arrive and see him dead.  Of course at this point all the “stray” gunfire has stopped, as they only needed enough to take out Krycheck.

In the aftermath, Doofus is all kinds of pissed, and instead of comforting his mother, he bails to go do spaceship training.  She begs him to stay but he blames her for his father’s death, at which she finally slaps the little snot the way we all wish we could.  But unlike the rest of us who would have liked to continue beating some sense into him, she immediately apologizes and he’s out the door, leaving her devastated.

A little while later, she is MAD.  She’s going DARK, and I LIKE IT.  She assembles her remaining forces and tells them she’s been left in charge of the 5th Column’s suicide armies, and in a riveting speech, she is ready to go on the offense.  No more Ms. Nice Juliette.  She’s going to pretend Anna is Kate and kick her ass two ways to Sunday.  Juliette’s feeling confident, and can anyone blame her?  Let’s take a quick look at her awesome team.  Priest Jack, having lost his collar, tells her he was a soldier once and he’s ready to do it again.  Level UP!  Soldier Jack at your service.  Bailey is there too, and he’s ready to….. report like there’s no tomorrow.  And last but not least, we have…. Hobbs, the one who just betrayed her and got her ex-hubby killed.  She tells him she’s kept him on a leash too long, so she’s ready to unleash him Wolverine-style.  I’m going to call him Wolverine from now on unless he completely disappoints me. 

If that moment wasn’t enough, we get a final scene where Supergirl is wandering the ship and happens to see her mother teleporting up from the Diana dungeon.  Lucky catch!  She drops down and finally gets to meet her grandma, who tells her they have a common enemy:  Smiley!  This looks to set up next week’s bitchslapfest between Anna and Supergirl, and I for one can’t wait.

I really hope they can maintain the “upgraded” pacing and tone of the show in what will no doubt be the last few episodes of the series.