Another solid episode of our favorite vampire and werewolf show.  Yes, there are more than one of these now (see “Being Human”) so we can’t just call it the vamp/WW show anymore.  Ian Somerholder is in prime form this week as he tries to deal with the love of his life and his new girltoy, plus a new WW chick who seems bent on killing him and assorted random villagers.  That’s more than enough for anybody in a single week.  Damon goes “dark” (again) by episode’s end which really comes as no surprise after having to kill his “friends with benefits” Rose in an all around touching death sequence wherein he controls her dreams and stakes her just as she is relaxed and happy.  I love the use of the dream control power which Mike assures me was introduced in the original premiere.

While I always enjoy watching Elena running around scared and screaming, it seemed a bit forced in this episode.  I loved her scenes with Rose when they didn’t involve the traditional “I’m gonna surprise you by standing right in back of you when you turn around” sequence. 

Meanwhile in Vampire 90210, Caroline is busy choosing between her hunky football player suitor and the new WW in town Tyler.  Personally I’d say it was an easy choice, one is a blond hunk whose bite won’t kill her, the other is a whiny annoying tool who doesn’t seem to know the first thing about WW lore.  Oh well, whatever, there’s no accounting for taste.  Still she manages to get the best line in after both studs try to kiss her and get to second base.  My girl’s not having any of that though.  She is a vamp with a purpose.  I don’t know what is yet, but I have faith in her.

This episode thankfully featured no scenes with witches or whiny little brothers, and not much of Stefan either.  Thumbs up for all of that.  But thumbs down for the “surprise” return of John Gilbert (David Anders aka The Highlander – you’ll have to go way back to Heroes to figure out that reference).  This guy is annoying in every show he’s on, but he keeps getting work.  How he does it I have no idea.